Parents Making Waves

A Parent Toolkit for Promoting Drinking Water in Schools

The Parents Making Waves toolkit provides parents with best practices, resources, and tools to advocate for safe and appealing water in schools. The toolkit was created by University of California, San Francisco, California Food Policy Advocates, and Enigami Ventures with support from the San Francisco Foundation. The development of this toolkit was also supported in part by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health. We hope that parents will leverage the strategies in this toolkit to develop a comprehensive water program in their children’s schools.


Complete Toolkit

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Individual Section Downloads


Advocacy 101 Tip Sheet

The Advocacy Tip Sheet provides parents with tips to advocate for water programs in schools.

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How To Fund Your School Water Program

In this section parents will learn how to identify potential funders of school water programs and how to successfully pitch their program ideas to these funders.

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Ensure School Water is Safe

Here, parents will learn about the first step in promoting water consumption in schools – ensuring that the water is safe for students to drink.

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Overview of Tap Water Sources

This section provides an overview of appealing and functional water sources that students will be excited to drink from.

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Promote Water Intake in Schools

Parents will learn about fun and attention-grabbing promotion and engaging education that will encourage students to drink more water throughout the school day.

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School Wellness Policy

This section provides key language regarding drinking water that should be included in school wellness policies (written documents outlining a school’s goals and commitments related to student health and wellbeing).

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Tools to Support Water Access

Here, parents will learn about the first step in promoting water consumption in schools– ensuring that the water is safe for students to drink.

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Tool Downloads

English: PDF | Spanish: PDF  – Advocacy Tool: Letter to School Administrator

English: PDF | Spanish: PDF  – Evaluation Tool: Drinking Water Inventory  

English: PDF | SpanishPDF  – Evaluation Tool: Observe Students Drinking Water

English: PDF | Spanish: PDF  – Action Plan Checklist

Want more information, check out the The Water Works Implementation Guide, a more in depth resource, to help you develop a comprehensive program to increase access to safe, appealing, low-cost drinking water sources in your school.